Fall decorating tips

Fall decorating tips-warm up indoors

Mantle or centerpiece idea

Gather items from around the home to use in your Fall decorating.


Don’t “leaf” autumn in the cold warm up with-fall decorating

As we say “So Long!” to summer we begin to warm up to the idea of bringing our activities and family time back indoors. Follow our fall decorating tips and welcome in Fabulous Fall!

Sometimes being stuck in the house can create a mood shift in the wrong direction; the new chill in the air doesn’t have to sentence us to a dull life. There are multiple ways we can bring the beauty of the autumn season indoors with our fabulous fall decorating tips.

Smells like Fall

Remember the days of simmering potpourri on the stove filling the house with a wonderful aroma? Make your own simmer mix, it’s so simple and gratifying you’ll want to gift it to family & friends like a warm hug. You probably have all or most of the ingredients in your kitchen. Play around with the combinations until the end result is to your liking. Things to try: allspice, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin pie spice and even a little vanilla or almond extract added to a pan of water brings a smile as it waifs through the house.

Let Mother Nature Provide

She really does supply many of the tools we need to make our indoor space extra cozy and special. An all-time favorites of fall includes a walk outdoors to gather the fallen bits that will add those finishing touches to your fall decorating. Pine cones, twigs, branches and seed pods look wonderful and add just the right texture to your decor’. If you don’t live in an area where these things can be easily collected then visit a local florist to purchase inexpensively.

Choose flowers of the season 

Glowing and welcoming colors are literally surrounding us this time of year. Bring those same colors inside and let them create harmonious warmth in your space. Your local flower shop like, Country Lane Flower Shop located in Howell, MI will have the freshest and largest selection of the season that you can hand pick then take home and arrange. If your in a time crunch then leave it to the professionals and let them design you something special. You don’t have to stick with only basic fall colors like orange, yellow and brown. Try adding a pop to your new autumn décor with bold reds and daring purples to really add some flair.

Add visual interest

Try playing with varying heights of flowers and objects If you reside in a smaller space,  three to five flowers in a vase with a larger opening allows space. Trim the stems at different lengths so when you place them, they create a stair-step look. Toss in some twigs of altering sizes in a blooming plant to incorporate old with new in your fall decorating. The minimalist approach decreases a look of clutter in your small space and instead creates an open warm invite.

Use what you have first

“Re-purpose & Up-cycle”, is all the rage right now use what you already have and look at it in a new light, have fun with it! Find odd sized vases and/or containers and cluster as a centerpiece on your main living table. Fill these vases with a variety of unplanned objects from your basket. Place twigs into one vase, fill one with acorns, another with pine cones and perhaps one has been stuffed full of vibrantly colored leaves. Whatever your gathering discovers, the unexpectedness will surprise and create a harmonious balance. Trust us on this one!

Anchor your focal point with natural elements

You don’t want to become so busy accenting your new beautiful flowers with harvest happenings that you forget the vase! Choose autumnal colors such as natural woods, bamboo, and clay pottery or even liven it up with rustic metals. Sure, you can still use glass vases; you can always add flair to a clear vase by painting it with acrylic or even glass paints. Make it yours by adding personal touches.

Gather with friends and craft

Chances are you have bursts of autumn popping up everywhere at this point, gather some of those gourds and pumpkins and add them into your fall decorating. Wire a few different lengths of wooden skewers to some pine cones and poke them into the placement as well. If you just cant decide what to make with all your goodies why not call a friend and have a night of crafting a centerpiece to complete your fall decorating.

Fact of the matter is, Autumn is here and it’s time to embrace it! Take a few of these tips and let them inspire you this season. We wish you well on your fabulous fall decorating journey and don’t forget to tag us in your Facebook and Instagram photos when you post your unique arrangements for everyone to enjoy!