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The Benefits of Flowers on Emotional Health & Well Being

Benefits of Flowers on Emotional Health & Well Being

For centuries, we have grown flowers or tended to perennial gardens. Studies now prove there are benefits of Flowers on emotional health & well-being.

Benefits of Flowers

An instant mood boost is evident in the facial expressions of women who received flowers. They smile a true smile. In the same group, three days later, women claimed their moods were still up. A second study included men and women in an elevator who were given a single flower evoking a more positive social behavior compared to other stimuli.  A third study with the age group over 55 reported positive moods and improved emotional memory retention.

Emotional Health – Love at First Sight 

At the first sight of a lovely bouquet the level of our anxiety, agitation and depression is reduced. We have a higher sense of enjoyment when flowers are present in public areas such as an entryway or places where people gather to socialize. Folks are more satisfied when flowers are part of their daily life and those receiving flowers at home almost 100% of the time display them in an area of the home they spend the most time in or entertain guest in such as the living and dining rooms.

Well Being – Your Perfume is so Lovely

The lovely perfume of a flower can create an atmosphere of calm relaxation. Flowers can also bring forth fond memory of our wedding day or a grandparent’s prize winning rose garden. Sending a friend who is hurting will make a sad day a little bit brighter. Flowers help up make connections with other individuals on a more intimate level. Place flowers around your work space, on your desk or work station. At home, make it a habit to display fresh flowers year round to benefit not only your emotional health and well being but the health of your family and friends as well.

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