Roses can stay fresh and vibrant for more than a week

With the proper Care, Roses can stay fresh and vibrant for more than a week

Mixed rose bouquet

Roses stay fresh and vibrant


With the proper Care, Roses can stay fresh and vibrant for more than a week.

Keep your Rose Bouquets Looking Fresh and Vibrant
There’s no better flower that represents the month of June than the rose. Given the right care, a bouquet of roses can stay fresh and vibrant for more than a week. Use these 5 simple tips to lengthen the life of your roses.
1. Buy Cut Roses from a Local Florist – By purchasing roses from a local florist, you’ll get roses that were recently cut. Ask the florist which roses arrived that morning, and select the very freshest roses possible. A good tip is to choose roses from the refrigeration unit. Cooler roses last longer.
2. Fresh Roses Love Fresh Water – When you bring your bouquet of roses home put them in a clean vase filled with fresh water that is room temperature. Every few days change the water to ensure that bacteria won’t damage your roses.
3. Add Plant Food or an Aspirin – Add floral plant food every time you change the water. The floral food helps keep the bacteria count low, lengthening the life of your roses. If you do not have floral food, aspirin (not ibuprofen) works as well.
4. Recut Rose Stems – Every few days you should cut the rose stems 3/4” from the bottom. Cut at a 45-degree angle, maximizing the surface area for the stems to drink water through. Country Lane Flowers’ florists recommend cutting the stems underwater.
5. Display Your Rose Bouquet in a Cool Spot – Roses last longer if they are displayed in a cool area with temperatures between 65 to 72 degree Fahrenheit. Or try putting your bouquet in the refrigerator overnight. Keep your flowers away from windows or direct sunlight and from electronics or appliances that give off heat. This can cause cut roses to dehydrate and wilt. However, if you want your roses to bloom more quickly, you can temporarily place them in a warmer spot. Ideally no hotter than 80 degrees.
6. Keep Away from Fruit – Avoid placing your rose bouquet near ripening fruit. When fruit ripens it releases tiny amounts of ethylene gas causing blooms to die prematurely.
Wilted Roses? Here’s a trick to revive wilted roses from Country Lane Flowers Shop florists. Trim off an inch from the bottom of each rose stem. Submerge the entire rose under water in a sink, letting the stem absorb water for 20 to 60 minutes before returning them to your vase.
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