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What Color of Rose Should you Give?

What color rose should I give?

Your Rose Gift Giving Guide

From the classical red rose…
and the innocence of white roses…
to the warmness of yellow roses…

Each unique rose color can express a special meaning or sentiment. What color of rose should you give? Here is a rose gift giving guide in preparation for your next anniversary, birthday, or special occasion.

Red Roses – The classic red rose conveys long lasting love, longing desire, and passion. Red roses can also offer a strong symbolism of life, vitality, and confidence. By giving red roses, you are stating a deep love or a strong admiration. No wonder red roses are popular for wedding anniversaries, marriage proposals, and especially Valentine’s Day. See our selection of Red Roses.

Pink Roses – Pink roses are a symbol of grace and elegance. A light pink rose bouquet eludes a sweetness or innocence while a deep pink conveys gratitude or appreciation. A pink rose is perfect to say, “Thank You” to a friend, a special employee, or someone special. See our selection of Pink Roses.

White Roses – Historically white roses are often associated with bridal bouquets and weddings. Symbolizing innocence and purity, white roses are suited for formal ceremonies like christenings, baptisms, or graduations. The elegance of white roses makes it a good choice for any new beginning. See our selection of White Roses.

Yellow Roses – Like the warmness and energy felt on a bright sunny day, yellow roses give clarity and joy. A traditional symbol of friendship, yellow roses are wonderful gifts to brighten anyone’s day. A perfect way to say thanks, congratulations, or get well. See our selection of Yellow Roses

Orange Roses – Orange roses have not been in existence for that long giving them a contemporary flair. Orange gives off a controlled intensity that is perfect for celebrating new things such as birthdays, congratulations, and a twist to the traditional, “I Love You”. See our selection of Orange Roses.

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