Sympathy arrangement with an Irish blessing angel.

Choose the Right Sympathy Flower Arrangement

How to Choose the Right Sympathy Flower Arrangement

It can be difficult to find the right words to express your sympathy to those who are grieving. One of the most thoughtful ways is the gift of flowers. Choosing the correct flowers and arrangement requires careful consideration. Country Lane Flower florists offer these suggestions. Here we will show you how to choose the right sympathy flower arrangement.

Traditional Funeral Flowers
Chrysanthemums and carnations are the most traditional and popular options. They are commonly used in tribute wreaths or sprays. These funeral flowers are ideal because of their long lasting blooms and are used in tribute wreaths or sprays often being left on the casket or placed at the graveside.

White carnations are often used to express sincerity, love and innocence. Red carnations represent admiration while pink carnations stand for remembrance.

Funeral Roses
Roses are a beautiful alternative to chrysanthemums and carnations. White roses are customary funeral flowers and represent purity, love, innocence, and youth. While red roses can express deep and sincere love, respect, and courage. Deep crimson roses denotes grief and sorrow. Yellow roses express sympathy, love, and respect and commonly given by friends to symbolize strong ties.

Large rose bouquets are often placed on top of the casket or a graveside. Long stem roses placed in an ornate vase may also be given. When a single rose is given, it can express enduring love for the loved one.

Sympathy Lilies
Lilies are also associated with funeral floral arrangements. They symbolize innocence and suggest that the soul of the deceased has returned to a peaceful state. White lilies are seen most often at funerals, while other options may be stargazer or oriental lilies.

Personalized Sympathy Flowers
For a more personalized sympathy floral arrangement, flowers can be designed to represent a loved one’s personality or special interests. For example, pink flowers can be arranged in the symbolic breast cancer ribbon.

A growing trend is incorporating a keepsake item within the sympathy floral arrangement. Country Lane Flower Shop designers have included items such as bird houses for the nature lover, cars or tractors for tractor or automotive enthusiasts, and crosses or angel for a sentimental keepsake. See Country Lane Flower Shop Sympathy Floral Arrangements

Country Lane Flower Shop, located in Howell, Michigan, is committed to offering only the finest sympathy floral arrangements. We have an extensive line of carefully chosen sympathy and remembrance gifts. Country Lane Flower Shop has been named the “Best Florist” in Livingston County for 13 consecutive years.