What you may not know about Poinsettias

Every holiday season stores put out poinsettias to brighten homes yet customers are often apprehensive because of what they have seen in the media. Every year alarming and eye-grabbing stories are circulated about these blooming plants that drum up age-old fears. The truth about the poinsettia is they are safe and festive in any home.

According to studies backed by the Association of Poison Control,

Surprising facts about the Poinsettia plant

the poinsettia can be safely kept in a home with pets or children. A child would need to eat five to six hundred leaves to reach even a small level of toxicity. More than twenty-two thousand cases were examined where a child had been exposed to poinsettias and none were found to be toxic. We hope by spreading this information more families will bring this seasonal tradition home to decorate with and enjoy.