Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book my wedding flowers?
Consider ordering your flowers after you have chosen your bridesmaids’ dresses. We suggest a 6-8 month time period prior to your wedding date. If your wedding date is on a major holiday (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.) we suggest you book a year in advance since we limit the number of weddings on these days. However, we can accommodate any time frame.

Who chooses the flowers for my wedding?
Our artist/designers will work with you to provide the flowers you want for your wedding. This is why it is important to make a consultation with a wedding consultant in advance.

Why do I need to have a consultation?
Consultations are extremely important. It allows us to clearly interpret exactly what types of flowers are best for your wedding theme. This also allows us to provide you with an accurate and detailed quote. Whether you have already decided on a design or need some inspiration from our wedding consultants, it will all start to come to life during your first consultation.

I live out of town so I cannot have a consultation. How do I go about this?
We are more than happy to accommodate you and provide details from afar that you would usually get at your first consultation. Consulting from afar is easy when you are guaranteed prompt replies and professional advice from Country Lane Flower Shops artist/designers.

Is there anything I should do prior to my consultation?
Yes, first make sure you have chosen your bridesmaids’ dresses. Take some time to view our wedding work on our web site at, Facebook, Pinterest, and save any clippings from magazines that you like. This will help the wedding consultant get a better idea of what you are looking for in flowers.

Will you work within my budget?
Yes. We understand that weddings can be expensive events and can work within the budget you have set, obviously, small budget less or less expensive flowers, larger budget more and or more expensive flowers, however talk to us you could be surprised!

Is there a deposit needed and when do I have to pay for the flowers?
Yes, we do have a $50.00 deposit to hold the date. Since we only take a certain amount of weddings per date, this is a nonrefundable fee; however this deposit is applied to your wedding flower order. Since we special order these flowers for your wedding and make sure they are only the finest quality we do expect the wedding to be paid in full 30 days prior to the date.

Does Country Lane Flower Shops provide any non-floral decorations to help decorate the church and venue?
Yes, our wedding consultant can give you many decorative ideas. We provide adornments such as trellises, arches, candelabras, pedestals, plants, runners and much more.